Medical repatriation: Inside our road ambulances

In a medical emergency abroad many people want to return home as soon as possible. But sometimes bringing a patient home requires specialised medical transport, also referred to as medical repatriation. For instance, repatriation from the Canary Islands or repatriation from the United States. There tend to be two options: travel by air – on a commercial flight with a medical escort or a dedicated air ambulance – or by road. In some situations flying isn’t an option, either because the patient’s condition doesn’t allow for it or perhaps there are budgetary constraints. In that case our road ambulances can help.

Our road ambulances are ideal for long distance transportation of patients, and act as state-of-the-art mobile emergency rooms. Patients can be diagnosed, treated and stabilised by our medical team while making their way home as quickly as possible.

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What does a road ambulance service include?

All our road ambulances are designed to provide a comfortable journey over long distances. They include:

  • A fully-equipped ICU
  • A full complement of medicine
  • Medical staff and care
  • Modern equipment, including a ventilator
  • Automatic gearboxes, avoiding jerks caused by gear changes
  • Air suspension, giving a smoother ride
  • State of the art vacuum mattresses
  • Food and drinks

Because we own our own fleet of ambulances that are always on standby, we can respond quickly and are often able to mobilise a team even on the same day. This means that even though air travel is faster in an of itself, our road ambulance service can sometimes be quicker because we don’t have to depend on outside parties for any part of the transport arrangements.

What is a road ambulance journey like?

During the journey all the patient’s needs will be looked after by our trained medical staff, including medicine and food. We are proud to offer a ‘bed-to-bed’ service, coordinating with hospitals at the beginning and end of your journey. We also take care of all the necessary documents.

The stretcher inside the road ambulance can be repositioned as the vehicle is moving, so the patient can choose to lie down or sit up depending on what’s most comfortable. We’ll make lavatory stops whenever necessary and our team is there to provide any necessary assistance.

Our road ambulances also have capacity for patients to bring an extra person with them, along with a piece of baggage, and a foldable non-electric wheelchair.

“My sister was seriously ill in Greece and unable to fly home. When nobody else would help and all options were exhausted EMS Air Ambulance & Medical Repatriation took over. An incredibly professional and efficient company, within a day an ambulance was dispatched to bring my sister home. Everything was taken care of and I was kept informed throughout. These people are true guardian angels.” – David Hill, Pireaus to Shrewsbury


If you find yourself in a medical emergency abroad and would like to return home, don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your options. Experience has taught us that repatriation is almost always possible – either by air or by road. For a quick and accurate idea of cost, request a free quote so you know what’s involved.

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