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Barcelona to Hoofddorp

In the hospital in Barcelona, I was in a lot of pain due to a bleeding near my kidney. Unfortunately, the care in Barcelona was minimal and I laid there with my soul under my arm. I was mentally exhausted after 8 days of severe pain. Finally, we took matters into our own hands and called in EMS-247. I was helped very well by EMS-247! The ambulance personnel were very helpful. I was given good medication during my ride back to the Netherlands so I hardly experienced any pain. The admission at the Spaarne hospital went smoothly. I am very grateful to EMS-247 for everything they did for me.

Francine Drost


Malaga - Birmingham

Thank you for your help with repatriating our cousin Hamish. Our elderly cousin has been living in Spain for many years and has had several strokes as well as suffering from anxiety and diabetes. He has been very lonely in a residential home in Spain for 18 months and we persuaded him to come back to the UK recently. It has been many years since he has travelled by air and we were all very anxious about him flying. We were really pleased with the professional service provided by EMS-247 to help us fly our cousin home. They looked after all the travel arrangements and provided a very capable paramedic who travelled with us and was able to reassure our cousin during the flight. The office staff were extremely helpful and professional throughout the process and we are grateful to have our cousin safely back in our home town in the UK. Best wishes Jamie.



Albania to England

After my brother was involved in a serious spinal cord injury, we had no choice but to bring him back to the UK. EMS 24/7 came in a matter of hours and safely brought my brother back to the UK where he has undergone 2 huge operations to save his life. After 2 weeks of being completely paralyzed from the chest down, my brother has recovered all movement and sensation and is on the road to a full recovery. We truly believe if it was not for EMS 24/7, my brother wouldn’t have been in the same situation he is today and we are thankful and very grateful for all the staff that made this possible.

Bekim Hajdaraj


Immediate response

When an employee is abroad and not able to travel on their own, for whatever reason, there is only one thing they want: to get home as soon as possible and to get treatment in their home country. One would think that there would be several repatriation companies that could act quickly. That was not the case. Only EMS-247 could act immediately. That same night the ambulance started on its way, for an arrival the next morning. We were kept constantly up to date with all developments and their estimated time of arrival. Because we knew a professional team was on the way, we were able to reassure our employee, and take him back to the UK for surgery. Great job, thank you!

Brigit Davis


Cyprus to Sheffield, via Manchester

My mother was ill in Cyprus. She has COPD and was in hospital, in Paphos. She was oxygen dependent but very keen to return to the UK. I contacted EMS-247 and they organised a full repatriation. EMS-247 contacted a highly trained Medic, one of their team and within a couple of hours he was making his way to Cyprus. He spent almost a full day with her and had numerous meetings with the medical team in Paphos, before escorting her home on a regular flight. She was on oxygen at all times during the repatriation, she felt very safe and very well looked after for the whole journey home. I had flown out to Cyprus, but only had a mobile! EMS-247 booked all flights, medical transfers, etc. The service they provided was literally from the hospital bed in Paphos to the Northern General Hospital in Sheffield, our home city. It was not cheap and my mother did not have medical insurance; however it was half the price the British Embassy had told us to expect! Many thanks to EMS-247; highly recommended.

Michael Darson


Grenoble, France to London, UK

We would like to thank EMS 247 service for helping my brother out at the most crucial time when we needed all the help and logistical assistance to bring him back from France to the UK to seek urgent medical treatment. EMS is a very professional service with extremely fast and effective communication, knowing how to help at every point, and providing wise guidance and advice. We want to thank the team for providing prompt updates on my brother's condition during the road ambulance journey, and for liaising with the doctors and medical teams in both countries, as well as arranging the receiving hospital. The paramedic's care during the journey was also much appreciated. We can't thank EMS enough for the assistance throughout this whole process, and we highly recommend their service to others. Thank you!



Dubrovnik to Liverpool

On behalf of all the family I wish to thank you for the faultless professional service you provided to repatriate my wife Christine from Dubrovnik to Liverpool Aintree Hospital. At every step from our first request for your assistance you were promt in replying to our call, provided a quotation within an hour, found a means for us to make the contract payment to you outside normal bank working hours on Saturday. As a result you got Christine into Aintree Hospital on Tuesday at 5.00pm. The British Consul Mark Thomas told us that it could not have been improved on in anyway. Simply Thank you”

Mike Hemsley


Spain to Vancouver

I searched out a medical evacuation specialist to help me bring my daughter back home. Her issues were complicated and I know it was essential to have medical care before during and upon arrival and EMS-247 delivered what they promised and more. Extremely professional, highly trained and knowledgeable, their reports and handling of the hospitals and airport representatives was executed perfectly. This company is the one to call when you're faced with a medical crisis needing relocation home.

Greg Dahl


Spain to Sweden

My father needed to be repatriated from Spain to Sweden, and his condition ruled out a flight. Markus, Dennis and Henk picked us up in Spain in an ambulance, and prepared us for the 39 hour trip. They provided my father with professional care, but were also friendly and helpful towards him. Furthermore, they were more than willing to answer any questions I had, which helped put my mind in ease. In short, I could not have wished for a better team to take my father and me to Sweden.

Sven Jensen


Pireaus to Shrewsbury

My sister was seriously ill in Greece and unable to fly home. When nobody else would help and all options were exhausted EMS-247 took over. An incredibly professional and efficient company. Within a day an ambulance was dispatched to bring my sister home. Everything was taken care of and I was kept informed throughout. These people are true guardian angels.

David Hill


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