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Whether it's an ambulance transport, medical flight guidance or an ambulance flight - we take care of all the practical and organizational issues regarding your repatriation. We pride ourselves on working efficiently, quickly and safely.

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EMS Medical Escort provides the possibility for a patient to travel home on a commercial flight accompanied by a medical professional. Our medical team is ready 24/7 to head to the patient's location, bringing with us all the most advanced medical equipment, where our highly experienced doctors will carry out any necessary medical examinations and will subsequently prepare the patient for transport.

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Our EMS Air Ambulance option means that our medical team will come to the patient to conduct a medical examination to determine whether it is medically safe to fly. Once they have deemed the patient fit-to-fly, our logistics team will make all the necessary preparations for repatriation. This includes a liaison with the hospitals at both ends and an arranging of the aircraft and possible refuelling stops if necessary.

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Our EMS Road Ambulance medical team will come to the patient in one of our ambulances. Once they have arrived they will examine the patient to determine whether it is safe to take the patient home and prepare them for travel.

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Repatriation, how does it work?

We can get you back home by state-of-the-art road ambulances, with a medical escort on a commercial flight with a stretcher, or by worldwide air ambulance.

Stages of repatriation
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Experiences: the people of EMS make the difference...

Thank you for your help with repatriating our cousin Hamish. Our elderly cousin has been living in Spain for many...


After my brother was involved in a serious spinal cord injury, we had no choice but to bring him back...

Bekim Hajdaraj

When an employee is abroad and not able to travel on their own, for whatever reason, there is only one...

Brigit Davis

My mother was ill in Cyprus. She has COPD and was in hospital, in Paphos. She was oxygen dependent but...

Michael Darson

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