Overcoming new challenges with proven strategies in close cooperation with our partners

Covid-19 has turned the world upside down for many businesses. While most of the workforce is adapting to new digital means of communication, some things have not changed. For us, that is delivering results for our partners by bringing patients back home from all around the world. This task can only be accomplished in close cooperation with different businesses and institutions, which include but are not limited to embassies, emergency call centres and insurance companies. We look forward to welcoming new partners in this endeavour as well as strengthening bonds with our existing partners. Please feel free to contact us for any B2B related questions!

Overcoming new challenges

How Long-distance repatriations are done in the COVID-19 era

Medical repatriation is classified as an essential job, and our workers are part of our essential workforce and thus still 100% operational. We can get it done, just like we used to – even long-distance medical repatriations. The different modes of transport we use, Medical escort, Air ambulance or Road Ambulance have been adjusted to the new circumstances and are ready to go. EMS Air Ambulance & Medical Repatriation has taken care of all the necessary paperwork, has made all necessary safety preparation, and has the foresight required to do our work in the manner that we always did it: quickly, safely, and efficiently.

Close cooperation with our partners is vital to our mission

That is why we would like to make sure that our partners - which include international embassies, emergency response centres and medical insurance companies - know that we are still there for them like in the pre-covid-19 world (we also repatriate COVID-19 patients). Countries, airports, and businesses have strict guidelines on how to proceed in a Covid-proof manner, and it takes experienced professionals, selfless teamwork and clear communication to achieve this task. EMS Air Ambulance & Medical Repatriation, aided by its worldwide network of partners in adjacent fields, has got what it takes to complete the mission.

Our promise to you

We offer bed-to-bed complete care service, we work with both private clients and corporations, have a highly specialised diverse team of doctors and have all the necessary and most advanced medical equipment. EMS Air Ambulance & Medical Repatriation’s long distance medical repatriation is, when considering the outcome for the patient, not any different compared to 2019. For businesses, an increased team effort is something we have always strived for but is in this age even more advantageous for both sides. In short, you can trust that our mission has not changed: seeing to it that our clients and patients get the care they need in the country that they feel most at home.

We are always available

Please send us an email, or call us, to enquire into the many possibilities for your business to join our ever-growing network of partners. EMS Air Ambulance & Medical Repatriation is always ready to engage in new challenges, to bundle strengths and to envision new ways of working together. We are awaiting your call!

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