EMS Ambulance 4 Feb 2021

Medical repatriation with COVID-19 is not a problem for EMS Ambulance

Because of COVID-19, many people have become uncertain about what is and what is not possible in the medical sector. EMS Ambulance wants to emphasize that when it comes to medical repatriation and COVID-19, more is possible than you may think! Especially in these uncertain times, you will need a stable medical repatriation partner you can rely on. EMS Ambulance can be that partner for you.

Indeed, there are now many new rules, restrictions and procedures regarding COVID-19, but EMS Ambulance has over 10 years of experience in the business and possesses highly qualified medical experts who are aware of all the new regulations and safety measures. The EMS team has close contacts with governments and important medical institutions. In addition, EMS Ambulance has unparalleled perseverance coupled with creativity and will come up with innovative solutions to almost any problem.

A recent example of COVID-19 transport from Dubai

Just when you are sure that your repatriation is not possible, it often is. Take a recent example from Dubai. A relative of a patient recently approached us to ask whether we could transport someone from Dubai who tested positive for COVID-19. This is absolutely possible, all the more so because EMS Ambulance recently opened a new office in Dubai to better serve the Gulf Region. In addition, EMS Ambulance has the expertise, equipment and experience to transport COVID patients from Dubai to anywhere in the world.

The Epi-Shuttle. A godsend during a COVID transport

One of the extra measures for COVID transport is that the patient is transported with an isolation capsule as seen below. This is also called an Epi-shuttle. It is designed to provide the patient with maximum safety and comfort while allowing for essential care and treatment. The Epi-Shuttle serves to isolate the patient from the outside air, but also to protect the patient's environment.

Below you can see EMS Ambulance positioning the patient into the isolation capsule and on the subsequent photo how EMS Ambulance moves the patient from the hospital into the ambulance waiting outside for the patient.

Then the ambulance drives to the airport, and the patient is taken directly from the ambulance into the Air Ambulance.


Air Ambulance

Transportation by Air Ambulance is a transportation method specially equipped for (intensive) medical transports. In some cases, repatriation cannot be done otherwise, for example when it concerns an intensive care patient that requires a lot of complex medical equipment or when a patient cannot sit upright for a longer period of time. Another reason is when it concerns a COVID patient as in the picture below. This requires a lot of space for the isolation capsule. Below you can see one of our doctors, Dr. Mani, encouraging the patient with a hand gesture. As you can see, EMS Ambulance is committed to highly personal, empathetic and service-oriented service.


EMS Ambulance offers a bed-to-bed service and highly personalized medical services, even for patients with COVID

When transporting COVID patients we also, just like with non-COVID patients, provide a complete bed-to-bed service. EMS Ambulance will take care of everything for you, such as contacting the hospital from which the patient needs to be transported and will arrange a bed in the receiving hospital where the patient will be resettled. In addition, EMS Ambulance arranges things like booking the tickets, arranging medical equipment, coordinating with the airport and arranging a visa and many other things. Also, before, during and after the transport EMS Ambulance is always available 24/7 for questions, requests or comments.



Would you like to know more about what COVID-19 repatriation exactly entails? Are you looking for a reliable and determined partner in your COVID-19 repatriation? Are you, or a friend or family member in a difficult situation abroad and would you like to arrange medical transport? Please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail, call us on +971 800 035 770044 or now also via .