Medical repatriation: Our bed-to-bed service

Organising a medical repatriation often involves a small logistical miracle. When someone’s health is at stake and there are so many details to take into account, many people feel overwhelmed at the idea of transporting a loved one home. That’s why many who find themselves in a medical emergency abroad choose to seek help from a medical repatriation company like EMS Air Ambulance & Medical Repatriation. But what does a repatriation look like? For instance, repatriation from Germany or repatriation from Hong Kong. Here is an overview of our bed-to-bed service.

Medical repatriation our bed to bed

Medical repatriation: what’s involved

At EMS we appreciate the pressure and stress a medical emergency abroad can cause for the patient first and foremost – but for their family and friends as well. We therefore aim to take care of all the practical details, so that you can focus on what matters most: the patient’s recovery.

When we receive an enquiry we make sure to listen carefully to your story so our medical coordinators can get a good understanding of your situation. We will discuss and advise on the best mode of transport: we offer repatriations by long distance road ambulance, by private air ambulance and on a commercial flight with a medical escort. Which option is best for you is largely determined by the patient’s condition and the distance to be covered.

When you instruct us and secure our services by making payment, we get to work. Our office team will liaise with the hospital abroad so that they can make preparations on their end in terms of paperwork, but also in terms of patient treatment. (We can also take care of translation of medical records, if required.) The team also contact the destination hospital in your home country to make sure they have a bed ready, and can make arrangements for any possible surgeries or continued or new treatments.

The EMS team will take care of every step of the transport itself – this includes all bookings, documents, transfers, staff with the right medical specialisms for your situation, vehicles/aircraft and crew required. We can even help make arrangements for friends or family members if they are unable to travel with the patient on the medical transport. During the transport itself, the carefully selected team will look after the patient’s needs, helping them with pain relief if required; continuing any medication or treatment, so care is not interrupted; as well as providing any practical assistance the patient may require with for example comfort breaks or food and drink.

Recently EMS helped a lady get home from Greece to Germany. She writes, “The promise to deliver bed-to-bed service was kept every step of the way. And not only that! The whole process – from first contact to arrival at my chosen destination – was characterised by competence, proactive care, friendliness, empathy; in short professionalism. And even afterwards the EMS team went above and beyond for me. Without their help I would not have managed to gain access to the medical records and documents concerning post-operative results that were essential to my further treatment in Germany. My family and I are exceptionally grateful to EMS Air Ambulance & Medical Repatriation.”


If you find yourself in a medical emergency abroad and wish to return home, please don’t hesitate to get in touch – even if you just want to find out what’s possible. We are here to help and would love to assist you in thinking through your situation.

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