A medical repatriation by road ambulance – Athens to Aberdeen

At EMS, we work to make the impossible possible. When patients first contact us, they often worry that their medical conditions are too serious to allow them to travel home safely. We’re able to put their minds at rest. 

Our extensive experience of medical repatriation across the world has taught us that getting home is nearly always possible – no matter how far the journey.

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A medical repatriation – from Athens to Aberdeen

We recently repatriated a patient, Susan, from Athens in Greece to Aberdeen in the UK – a distance of over 4,000km. The patient had been admitted into hospital in Athens with a bout of the bacterial infection, but while in hospital she had a fall and suffered a subdural hematoma. Her recovery was going to take a long time – possibly months. Concerned about the level of care she was receiving in the local hospital, she wanted to be back home in a familiar environment and close to family and friends.

Upon contact, the EMS team swiftly assessed which method of transport would be most suitable for Susan. The severity of her condition meant that a commercial flight wouldn’t be safe, and even flying at sea level in an air ambulance would have carried some risks. So the team decided that travelling by road ambulance would be the best option.

At EMS Air Ambulance & Medical Repatriation, our road ambulances are equipped with the latest medical equipment to provide Intensive Care Unit-level treatment while in transit, as well as superior suspension for our patients’ comfort and safety. The 40-hour journey from Athens was made possible by our 30cm deep anti-decubitus mattress, which prevents ulcers and bed sores. The team also stopped when necessary for refreshments and meals.

We changed the crew part-way through the journey at Munich, Germany, and replaced the ambulance team with a fresh driver, advanced paramedic and doctor to bring Susan safely home on the final leg to Aberdeen. Susan was able to continue her treatment in Aberdeen amongst her friends and family.

Our repatriation services

If you have had an accident or fallen ill abroad and think you need to be repatriated, please contact us straight away via phone, email, text or WhatsApp. We can provide an independent medical diagnosis, and we’ll get to work immediately to determine the safest and quickest way to bring you home.

EMS offers medical support on commercial flights, which might make it possible you for to take your original flight home as planned. We also offer state-of-the-art air and road ambulances. Our medical equipment and teams of dedicated medical specialists make it possible for you to continue your treatment during the journey home – even if that involves life-support. We take care of everything during the journey – including food, refreshments, regular contact with your family, and securing a bed for you in your home hospital.

We have successfully repatriated many patients from around the world with a range of medical conditions – in some cases life-threatening. Please contact us today for more information.

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