EMS Ambulance: You can trust us to get you to your desired location quickly and safely.

Whether it's an ambulance transport, medical flight guidance or an ambulance flight - we take care of all the practical and organizational issues regarding your repatriation. We pride ourselves on working efficiently, quickly and safely.

How can we help you?

We believe healthcare is more than a job. It's about relationships.

The EMS Ambulance team has garnered many years of experience and knowledge. We have returned hundreds of patients quickly and safely back home – and you can trust us to get you back safely.

Medical escort

Patient transport on a commercial flight.

Air ambulance

Travel by air ambulance is by far the fastest way to get a patient home over medium to long distances.

Road ambulance

Repatriation by road ambulance is the most comfortable and convenient way to get a patient home safely.

Repatriation, how does it work?

We can get you back home by state-of-the-art road ambulances, with a medical escort on a commercial flight with a stretcher, or by worldwide air ambulance.

Stages of repatriation

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Experiences: the people of EMS make the difference...

Malaga - Birmingham


Albania to England

Bekim Hajdaraj

Immediate response

Brigit Davis

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