Repatriation from New Zealand to the United Kingdom

When a medical emergency happens while abroad, this can cause many stressful situations. In some cases medical repatriation is desirable. Unfortunately, insurance companies often refuse to pay for the costs. EMS Ambulance works independently from (travel) insurers. Did an illness or injury occur to a loved one, and is repatriation to the UK necessary? Then you can always count on the help of EMS Ambulance. You can contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to arrange a medical transfer from any location in New Zealand. Are you wondering what the right solution is for the specific medical situation of your friend or family member? Feel free to contact our medical experts via telephone (+44 20 3514 6797) or directly fill in our form for a free quote.


Return home safe and fast

When you decide to engage us, our team of medicals experts does everything to ensure that your loved one returns home quick, safe and in a responsible manner. To begin with, our medical coordinators will arrange the most appropriate method of repatriation to the United Kingdom. Is the situation life-threatening? Then transfer via private air ambulance is the most direct and convenient repatriation method. We use a global network of high-quality planes which have been carefully designed to allow for minute-by-minute treatment. In less-severe cases we might suggest that a medical escort team is the most fitting solution. A medical escort is a team of medical experts that travel alongside the patient on a commercial flight. We cooperate with a wide range of trusted commercial airline partners. After engaging us, we will directly reserve a seat on the nearest flight home.

Why choose EMS Ambulance?

EMS Ambulance offers an unburdening bed-to-bed service when repatriation to the UK is necessary. This means we make arrangements for the discharge in the foreign hospital, we take care of all paperwork and arrange a bed in the receiving hospital in the UK. We can even arrange the safe and secure transfer from the hospital to the airport, and vice versa. During every step of the way the safety and health of the patient is our number one priority. Furthermore, our team of highly trained medical experts will travel alongside the patient during the complete journey to take care of their needs.

  • Available 24/7
  • Trained medical professionals with many years of experience
  • Complete bed-to-bed service
  • Safe and secure back home within 48 hours
  • Receive a free quote for our bespoke service
  • Worldwide experience within the repatriation sector