Repatriation from Kuwait to the UK

Did a serious injury or illness occur while visiting Kuwait? Then we understand the patient wants to return home as soon as possible. Medical quality and standards are often significantly different in foreign countries. Furthermore, your loved one has to deal with language barriers and the culture shock while staying in the foreign hospital. Unfortunately, the travel insurer often refuses to compensate the costs of repatriation. Luckily, you can always count on the help of EMS Ambulance. Whether it is via an air ambulance or with a medical escort: our team of medical professionals will safely repatriate your loved one from anywhere in Kuwait to the UK. Your loved one will return home within 48 hours after engaging us. We are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Please contact our medical experts via +44 20 3514 6797. Or directly fill in our form to receive a free quote.


Unburdening bed-to-bed service

Arranging a repatriation from Kuwait to the United Kingdom can be an unexpected and stressful event. That is why EMS Ambulance offers and unburdening bed-to-bed service. We arrange everything that is necessary to bring back the patient fast and in a responsible manner. During the repatriation from Kuwait to the United Kingdom, the health and safety of your loved one is always our number one priority. When you first contact us, our experienced medial coordinators will take note of the situation, wishes and needs of the patient. This helps us to offer the right solution. Depending on the medical situation of your loved one, we offer different transport options. Considering the distance from Kuwait to the UK: repatriation via private airplane is often the most direct and convenient method. Is the injury or illness non-severe? Then we might suggest to make us of our experienced medical escort team that will join the patient on a commercial flight.

Air ambulance and medical escort services

EMS Ambulance uses a worldwide network of high quality air ambulances which are designed to allow for minute-by-minute treatment. Every plane comes fully supplied with state-of-the-art equipment and medication. Since every ambulance flight from Kuwait to the UK is different, we calibrate the service precisely to the needs of the patient. In non-life-threating situations our medical escort team comes in. A medical escort is a team of highly trained professionals who travel alongside the patient while in transit. After engaging us, we contact our trusted commercial airline partners to secure a place on the nearest available flight back to the UK. During the flight, our medical escort team will make sure the patient has everything he or she needs.

  • Available 24/7
  • Trained medical professionals
  • Complete bed-to-bed service
  • Back home within 48 hours
  • Receive a free quote for our bespoke service
  • Worldwide experience within the repatriation sector