EMS Ambulance 14 Dec 2020

New EMS Ambulance base of operations in development in Dubai

The fact that the EMS Ambulance operation is not limited by borders is nothing new, but we would like to take this to a whole new level next year. We are very proud to announce that in 2021 we will be opening a new base in Dubai! This new base will serve the Gulf Regions, including Dubai, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, and Bahrain.

What is EMS Ambulance known for?

EMS Ambulance offers emergency medical repatriation service all around the world. When your employees (ex-pats), friends or family members are ill or hurt in a country where they do not wish to stay, we are there to get evacuate the patient from this location. We have multiple methods at our disposal: Medical escort, Air Ambulance or Road Ambulance. We pride ourselves on our ability to act quicker, safer and to offer better service than any other player in the business. We have been in the industry for more than ten years, and in this time have built extensive experience and knowledge in the world of medical repatriation. Here you can watch a small video clip detailing how we operate.

What this base means for new partners

Because we are now developing a new base in Dubai, to serve the entire Gulf region, we are looking for new partnerships to both expand and improve our current operations. We are looking to partner with premium hospitals, insurers, and emergency hotlines to arrange meetings to discover opportunities to help each other. If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of, please do not hesitate to contact us!

What the new base means for our clients

What this means for our partners and customers and patients: We will always have an Airplane available very close by, there will be a local team fluent in Arabic and other languages who you can trust, and we will have highly skilled and experienced medical personnel on-site and on a moment’s notice. This combination of a skilled workforce, a team who is intimate with the region, and plenty of logistical support, preparation and knowledge will enable us to do our jobs more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

We are a very flexible and very personal company, which means that we are always just a call away, and ready to meet your exact needs. If you want the best for your family, friends, or business partners you will call EMS Ambulance!

Do you also take on COVID patients?

Yes, we absolutely do. COVID-19 is something our team is now experienced in and all our equipment and staff is prepared for this challenge.

Where can we reach you?

Please send us an email, or call us on +971 800 035 770044, to enquire into the many possibilities for your business to join our ever-growing network of partners. EMS Ambulance is always ready to engage in new challenges, to bundle strengths and to envision new ways of working together. We are awaiting your call!