Specialised in worldwide patient transportation

EMS 24-7 is a medical repatriation company that specialises in worldwide patient transportation by road and by air. We are reachable 24 hours a day, every day, all year round. Wherever you are in the world, we can get you back home safely. Get in touch and tell us how we can help.

What is repatriation?

When a person is injured or falls ill abroad getting them back home can be a challenge as they might not be able to travel on regular transport. The specialist transport required to help patients get back to their home country is called medical repatriation, or sometimes medical evacuation. Medical repatriation companies like EMS 24-7 help patients get back home in a way that is medically safe, by road ambulance, medical escort or a dedicated air ambulance.

Road ambulance transport is one of the safest and most comfortable ways for patients to travel. EMS 24-7 has a fleet of road ambulances specially suited for long distance travel. Every ambulance is ICU equipped and has a full complement of medicine and modern equipment on board, including a ventilator. To ensure patient safety and comfort over long distance drives, all our vehicles have automatic gearboxes to prevent jerks and starts, and are fitted with vacuum mattresses that can keep patients comfortable even over thousands of miles.

A repatriation by private air ambulance is by far the fastest way to bring a patient back home. It has the advantage of being able to transport even critically ill patients over long distances and across continents if need be. All the aircraft and helicopters that EMS 24-7 uses are specially modified for patient transport and fitted out with state-of-the-art equipment and life-saving technology.

It is sometimes possible for a patient to travel home on a commercial flight accompanied by a medical professional.

Our medical team come to you bringing all necessary equipment and medication with them. Once they arrive, they carry out their own examination and prepare the patient for travel. We arrange for an ambulance and take the patient to the airport.