When you or someone close to you needs medical care – for a course of cancer treatment, for example, or for cardiac surgery – you want to be certain you’re getting the best possible service from the best medical professionals, wherever they may be. Every year, many thousands of patients travel across the globe for specialist treatment in private hospitals and clinics, particularly to European and Gulf Region countries with established and globally-respected private healthcare systems, such as Germany, the UK and Dubai.

But securing the necessary clearances and documents, and getting smoothly and safely to the destination hospital, can be a complicated and sometimes confusing process. That’s where EMS Ambulance can help. We take care of every aspect of the journey, whether you need to travel overseas by private aeroplane, road ambulance or with a qualified medical escort. We have a highly experienced team of multilingual professionals who are ready to take your details and get you the expert advice you need.

What is medical tourism?

“Medical Tourism” simply means travelling abroad in order to receive medical care, treatment or surgery in another country. There are many different reasons why people choose to seek treatment in a foreign country. It might be because the procedure or technology they need isn’t available in their home nation. Sometimes it’s because they feel the level of expertise and care will be better elsewhere. Sometimes, too, it’s because they have friends or family overseas and want to be close to them during their treatment. Whatever the situation, it’s important to know that you can get safely, simply and comfortably to the destination to begin your programme of care.

Getting started

If you’re considering treatment in a European or Gulf Region hospital, contact us and speak to one of our experienced customer advisors. Although EMS Ambulance doesn’t arrange the medical treatment itself (see below), we can send you a list of recommended clinics and hospitals if necessary: as one of the best-known repatriation companies in Europe, America and the Gulf, we know and work regularly with some of the most renowned private medical facilities in those regions.

How it works

Once you’ve arranged your treatment with the foreign provider, tell us your destination and dates, and we’ll send you a quote for the transportation – in most cases, we’ll get back to you within the hour. After that, sit back and leave everything to us. If you need ground transportation to the hospital, we’ll organise a road ambulance, limousine or taxi, whichever would suit your needs best. Road ambulances are state-of-the-art mobile emergency rooms, each with a medical team to travel with you and care for you on the journey.

If you need to fly, we can arrange an air ambulance. Essentially a private modified ambulance jet equipped with critical care facilities and an advanced medical team, private air ambulance is one of the smoothest and safest ways to get to your destination hospital. Alternatively, we can provide you with a medical escort on a commercial airline. This is a qualified doctor, paramedic or medical team to go with you on the flight and onward journey; they bring medication, pain relief, oxygen support and emergency equipment in case it’s ever needed.

However you plan to travel, EMS will take care of all the details. We’ll plan the optimum route, book your tickets, arrange the necessary paperwork (including visas, passenger locator forms (PLFs), and medical acceptance (MEDA or Medif) documents), and make sure all your on-the-ground transportation is prepared and waiting. We can also call ahead to make sure the hospital staff are on standby for your arrival. Once at the facility, we carry out a comprehensive handover with your new medical team.

What isn’t covered

Our Medical Tourism service is specifically designed for patients who need to travel abroad for medical care, not for cosmetic treatments. We don’t transport patients for hair transplant surgery, for example, or for dental work. We also ask that you book and arrange your own treatment in the destination country. While we are happy to recommend high-quality healthcare providers in the country, and can even put you in touch with them if it’s helpful, our Medical Tourism service focuses on transporting you safely from your home country to the hospital where you’re receiving treatment.