Are you looking for medical treatment abroad but have no idea where to start? Leave it to EMS and let's start your health journey together. Our highly-experienced doctors can recommend and connect you with the world's premier hospitals, clinics and consultants listed in our comprehensive database of hospitals and medical centers for medical tourism by treatment or country. We book all your appointments and arrange your accommodation on site - as well as the entire journey from A to B.

Why do patients go abroad for medical care?

Every year, millions of people fly overseas to seek high-quality treatments, surgeries and consultations that may not be available in other countries. This is known as “Medical Tourism”, and it's a rapidly expanding sector of the global healthcare system. Perhaps you’re looking for surgery that isn’t available at home. Or maybe you want to benefit from multidisciplinary care, delivered by the very best specialists and clinics in the world. No matter what you need, we'll help you find the best and most convenient facility for it. Each of our accredited practitioners, who provide medical treatment and assistance at our medical facilities, has extensive expertise in their respective specialties.

How can EMS help you?

Our specialists can quickly and expertly guide you in planning your medical tourism journey. Sourcing an above standard medical treatment can be hugely daunting. We take the strain out of the process by finding the best options for you. Once we’ve assessed your situation, our team will suggest clinics and departments for your treatment. As soon as you've made your choice, we can establish contact with the hospital, book your accommodation and arrange your round-trip transfer. Alongside first-class medical care in the hospitals, we provide transport, accommodation, mentoring, interpretation, and translation services. We can also look after our clients' leisure activities and provide an accompanying escort if requested.

Why choose EMS?

EMS is a bed-to-bed repatriation company. That means we'll take care of each and every component of your medical trip, rather than just a part of it. With three major modes of transportation, we can travel anywhere in the world: by road ambulance, private air ambulance (including ICU environment) or with a medical escort on a regular commercial flight. In fact, we currently have access to more than 200 countries and territories worldwide, regardless of the time zone. By providing more choice and flexibility, we're delivering an enhanced customer experience, and a brighter and healthier future, for our patients and clients.

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How to start your journey

  1. Contact us now We'll connect you directly to the Medical Tourism department. Two of our board-certified specialists are on call around the clock.
  2. Tell your story What treatment or specialization do you need and how soon? The doctor will discuss the most appropriate options according to your needs.
  3. Standby You'll receive a free quotation within 30 minutes.
  4. Confirmation We will contact the appropriate international clinic and schedule your appointments.
  5. Ready If you're happy with our quotation, simply let us know and we'll arrange a team to pick up the patient - immediately, if necessary.

Kindly note that our service is specifically for patients who have to travel abroad for medical lifesaving or crucial treatments, rather than for cosmetic treatments. We do not transport patients for aesthetic surgery, hair transplants, dental treatment or similar.

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