In which countries do you operate?


We operate worldwide and can collect patients from anywhere in the world at any time.

Will EMS Ambulance take care of the communication with the hospital and arrange admission at the receiving hospital?


Our motto is bed-top-bed service so we handle all aspects of repatriation, including liaising with medical staff at hospitals. We also arrange admission at the receiving hospital of your choice.

Will my insurance cover the cost of the repatriation?


Insurance companies’ cover varies from case to case and also depends and the insurance policy. Please contact us so we can discuss your insurance policy and the chance of your insurance company meeting the costs.

After completing the repatriation, our team at the office and our medical staff are happy to assist in claiming the costs from your insurance company. We can provide the necessary medical documents most insurance companies need.

I found you online – are you the right contact for me?


If you are looking for a provider of private ambulance flights, repatriations from abroad or patient transfers, yes, we are the right party for you. We provide quick and professional help, anywhere, anytime and for a fair price.

What we offer:

  • Medical escort on regular flight
  • Air ambulance
  • Road ambulance (international)

What we don’t offer:

  • (Health)insurance
  • Transporting of deceased
  • Memberships
  • Local road ambulance

Is the patient allowed to take a wheelchair on the flight?


Small, foldable wheelchairs are normally no problem but they have to be registered beforehand. Larger electronic or battery-powered wheelchairs can, in most cases, only be transported on board large ambulance planes, due to their size.

Is the patient allowed to take luggage on the flight?


One piece of hand luggage can always be carried on international repatriations. Whether the patient can take more luggage depends on the size of the aircraft. Please contact us to discuss the options, we are happy to help.

I would like to be treated abroad. Can you help me organize treatment and patient transport?


We are happy to assist you to plan your entire stay, starting with the first contact with your preferred clinic, then arranging formalities such as visas, through to the organization of ambulance flights and ground transport.

In the past years we have built up a very good relationships with some of the best doctors in the world who offer world-leading treatment and care. We can arrange admission with priority in most of the world-known clinics all over Europe and USA. We provide experienced multilingual personnel to make your medical treatment abroad as comfortable and smooth as possible.

How much does medical transport cost?


The costs of medical transport differs form case to case and depend on many factors, such as:

  • Condition of the patient and how much care they require
  • Way of transport (medical escort on regular flight, air ambulance, road ambulance)
  • Type of aircraft we use

When do you need the payment?


Our policy is 100% prepayment.

Who will bring the patient to the airport?


We offer all our patients a bed-to-bed service. We arrange for a road ambulance to bring the patient to the plane, then from the airport to the clinic of your choice. We are happy to arrange the admission for you.

What languages do you speak?


Our medical staff possess long-standing experience and extensive knowledge and speak your language.

We can help you in the following languages: Arabic, Dari, Dutch, English, Farsi, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Urdu. If we don’t speak your language, we can use an interpreter.

Who decides if a patient is fit enough for travel?


Our doctors have the final say. Most clinic doctors are not familiar with the options for intensive care treatment on board, so they regularly classify patients as unfit to fly. Our medical staff always make the final decision about a patient’s condition and whether they are fit to fly.

Can I choose the type of aircraft we travel in?


Yes, you can decide which type of aircraft is best suited for your international repatriation. We are happy to assist you in your choice considering factors such as flight route, patient’s condition, number of passengers and so on.

Can a relative accompany the patient?


On almost every air ambulance/road ambulance at least one relative can accompany the patient. Please contact us to discuss the options.

The hospital refuses to release the patient. What can we do?


Patients cannot be held in a hospital against their will. In case of the hospital staff being uncooperative especially when there is a language barrier, contact us.

Our medical staff possess long-standing experience and extensive knowledge and are ideally placed to judge a patient’s condition. If necessary, our doctor will consult the treating doctor and find a solution.

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